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We are SHIJIAZHUANG HAN HAO TRAD CO LTD we are both trade and manufacture company We established in June 2000 our factory located in HanJiawa industry park close airport road Tianjin seaport In 2015 our factory s total area is more than 70000m2 we owned four advanced technique production lines of NPK Compound fertilzier NPK Water soluble fertilizer etc Annual production capacity arrival 600000 tons Total investment 150 million RMB Our products are exported to Southeast Asia Africa Korea Pakistan Jordan Tanzania Canada Brazil Uruguay etc Through advanced equipment strict testing and manage our company products all accord with gb15063 2001 Quality standard We got fertilizer registration...

Categories and Products

Nitrogen Fertilizer

factory price CAN Calcium Nitrate granular calcium nitrate white granular ammonium sulphate N 21% crystal Ammonium sulphate 21% N 24% S granular Ammonium Sulphate Granular N 21% Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) white granular. Ammonium Sulphate N21 caprolactam grade Crystal Ammonium Sulphate N21 white granular Calcium ammonium nitrate granular Nitrogen Fertilizer Calcium Nitrate granular N15.5% CAN Nitrogen Calcium fertilizer white granular. Calcium Nitrate fertilizer white granular. Nitrogen fertilizer Urea 46 granular 2--4mm Nitrogen fertilizer Urea46 granular/prilled Urea46% with sulfer or resin coated 90 days UREA N46 white prilled or granular Potasssium Sulphate 52% granular Urea prilled N 46% pure white Urea granular N 46 pure white Water Soluble Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Granular Fertilizer 

Phosphate Fertilizer

Monoammonium phosphate(MAP)12-61-0 Phosphate fertilizer Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP 12-61 fertilizer Mono Potassium Phosphate fertilizer (MKP 0-52-34) Mono Ammonium Phosphate fertilizer MAP 12-61-0 white crystal Mono Ammonium Phosphate fertilizer MAP 11-49-0 Grey granular Mono Ammonium Phosphate fertilizer MAP 11-44-0 Grey granular Diammonium Phosphate DAP18-46 brown granular Diammonium Phosphate 18-46-0 DAP DAP fertilizer Diammonium Phosphate 18-46-0 Agricultural Greenhouse Use Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP 

Potash Fertilizer

Liquid Potassium fertilizer-high potassium content. 100% water soluble potassium sulphate fertilizer SOP Potassium Sulphate fertilizer white granular SOP Potassium sulfate SOP 50% white powder 100% water soluble SOP 52% powder 60% Potassium Chloride red granular KCL/MOP 100% water soluble fertilizer potassium sulphate SGS approved potassium sulphate fertilizer SGS approved potassium chloride red granular Water Soluble SOP Fertilizer 0-0-52 Powder 50% Potassium SOP Water Soluble Grade Powder Potassium Sulphate Granular SOP 50%min K2O Potassium Sulphate 52% SOP Granular with Competitive Price Red Granular Potassium Chloride 60% KCl/MOP 

NPK Compound Fertilizer

NPK Tumbling Granulation

Compound NPK fertilizer 15-15-15 origrial producer NPK compound fertilizer 15-15-15 NPK compound fertilizer 12-12-17+2mg NPK Compound Fertilizer NPK 15-15-15 SOP base NPK fertilizer 12-12-17 MgO blue granular NPK compound fertilizer 17-17-17 Compound NPK fertilizer 12-12-17(S)+te origrial producer Chloride grade NPK 20-10-10 compound fertilizer NPK compoud fertilzier 25-5-5+4S for tea Compound NPK fertilizer 20-10-10 origrial producer NPK 10-18-24+6S compound fertilizer for tea trees 

NPK High Tower

high tower grade NPK compound fertilizer17-17-17 high tower NPK fertilizer 18-18-18 high tower NPK High tower 19-19-19 granular fertilizer High tower Compound NPK fertilizers 19-19-19. 

Customized NPK Compound Fertilizer

Water soluble NPK fertilizer 19-19-19 from factory. Compound NPK fertilizer 12-11-18 MgO from original producer EDTA compound fertilizer 10-5-35 for economic crops EDTA compound fertilizer 15-5-25 for fruit trees Compound NPK fertilizer 20-10-10 NPK compound fertilizer 12-12-17 Water soluble fertilizer 19-19-19 or customized SGS guaranteed MAP fertilizer 12-61 SGS approved DAP fertilizer Customized NPK compound fertilizer 14-7-14 Customized NPK Compound fertilizer Compound NPK fertilizer 12-6-27 from origrial producer 

NPK Water Soluble Fertilizer

KCL Based

100% water soluble NPK water soluble fertilizer 19-19-19 NPK 100% water soluble fertilizer 20-20-20 100% NPK water soluble fertilizer 3-37-37 color powder 100% NPK water soluble fertilizer NPK22-6-12+TE 

SOP Based

100% water soluble NPK fertilizer 20-20-20 NPK 100% water soluble fertilizer NPK19-19-19 NPK water soluble fertilizer 20-20-20 100% in soluble NPK water soluble fertilizer 13-40-13 100% in soluble 100% water soluble NPK fertilizer 10-52-10 chloride base 100% NPK water soluble fertilizer 15-15-30 NPK10-52-10 water soluble fertilizer sop base NPK 13-40-13 sop water soluble fertilizer NPK 19-19-19 sop base fertilizer NPK 3-37-37 sop base foe Yemen 

NOP Based

100% watrer soluble fertilizer NPK 13-0-45 

Customized NPK Water Soluble Fertilizer

Water soluble NPK fertilizer 20-20-20 te High efficiency compound MKP fertilizer Water soluble NPK fertilizer 10-52-7 te from factory. Foliar spraying water soluble npk fertilizer from original 

NPK Bulk Blending Fertilizer(BB)

High Nitrogen Fertilizer

NPK Bulk Blending BB Fertilizer 12-6-6 

High Phosphate Fertilizer

NPK mix Bulk Blending BB Fertilizer 8-20-10 and other formular 

Balanced Fertilizer

Micronutrient Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate Micronutrient Zinc Sulphate hyptahydrate NPK BB mix fertilizer 10-10-10/15-15-15 granular NPK bulk blending fertilizer 12-12-12 

Organic Fertilizer

High quality Humic Acid 50% organic 80% fertilizer Shiny Black flake Potassium humate 60% organic fertilzier organic fertilizer Potassium Humate Humus 10% K2O Organic fertilizer 65% Humic Acid powder/flake Humic acid 50% acid 80% organic 99% content Potassium Humate 60% acid 17% potussium. NPK Compound Humic Acid With Amino Acid Potassium Humate With Fulvic Acid fertilizer Humic Acid With Amino Acid fertilizer Potassium Humate 60 acid 12 potassium. high quality Bio organic fertilizer granules Organic NPK fertilizer 13-5-7 Humic Amino Acid Shiny balls fertilizer Organic Amino fertilizer light granular Potassium Humate with 65% humic acid and 10% potassium Black granular NPK Organic Fertilizer NPK with Organic Fertilizer 45% 

Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid Boron Fertilizer for plants help grow Foliar fertilizer Sugar polyol calcium Foliar fertilizer Sugar Alcohol Calcium Liquid Fertilizer Foliar fertilizer Liquid Potassium 580 Fertilizer Liquid fertilizer Sugar polyol calcium 

Medium And Micro Element Fertilizer

Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate 48.5% for fertilizer Magnesium Sulphtae ferilizer MgSO4-7H2O Magnesium Sulphtae ferilizer white crystal Magnesium sulfate Crystal MgSO4 99% Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate 33% ZnSO4 

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